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Fever Signs and How to Tell if Your Child in real sense has Fever

Fever is always one of the reasons why we have our children taken to the emergency rooms. This comes as no surprise anyway. Fevers are quite common in children and as well frightening to child and parent alike. We are going to look at some of the tips which will be quite effective to help the parents handle the fevers that will catch their young ones at certain points in time and quite common as we have mentioned above.

First and foremost, let us see what fever actually is. Fever is when the child has a body temperature which rises just above the normal 37 degrees. You can take the body temperature by the use of the body temperature thermometers. In as much they are good at helping the child fight certain kinds of infections, when they get beyond the normal fevers can start to get you worrying and uncomfortable more so when you consider how old the child happens to be.

You may be asking yourself the question of how do you know your son or daughter has caught fever. Depending on age, a child with fever will show certain changes in their body and will feel hot. For the newborns, they will feel a lot fussier and sleepier than is the normal and will refuse to breastfeed or even the bottle. When you are diagnosing the case in the older babies and toddlers, you will note the signs such as feelings of being less energetic and being cranky more than is often with them. Fever quite as well destroys a child’s appetite and they will have an extreme feeling of thirst. Irritability and feeling withdrawn out of lack of interest in most of their activities is yet another sign of fever in the toddlers and the older babies. Fever is as well manifest in children when they have a trouble falling asleep or being more sleepy than normal. The children over the age of two years will tell the signs of fever in symptoms such as their complaints of chills and or pains all over the body, asking for a lot of fluids, and when they become whiny and highly irritable. Should you see any of these signs in your young one, you will be good taking and noting their body temperature and tell if they could be catching or have caught a fever.

The next question we will answer is how to take the body temperature. There are certainly a number of thermometers available in the drug stores which will be used for the taking of body temperature and as such you will feel confused when you will need to have a choice of these.

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